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enzyme-based portable toilet chemicals

Chemicals to Use in Portable Toilets (Hunters Guide)

If you are a team of experienced hunters, probably you are thinking of planning your hunting season well. The planning will include packing essential things such as hunting gear, tactical gear, weapons, water, and food. And if you are going to camp near the hunting area, perhaps a portable toilet is necessary to help you keep the environment clean, hygienic, and protected. Portable toilets provide a convenient sanitation solution for any outdoor event. Aesthetically appealing toilets will also make your hunting comrades feel happy!

experienced huntersHowever, it is imperative to think of keeping the toilet smelling fresh. The process of maintaining the sanitation may not be an easy task, but it can be simplified by using the appropriate portable toilet chemicals. These are chemicals specifically manufactured for portable toilets and they are highly effective at removing odors and grime with every flush. If you are looking for chemicals to clean your portable toilet during the next hunting season, there are several retail stores to find the best brands. However, it is crucial to ensure you use safe and environmentally friendly chemicals.

portable toilets chemicalsOur short guide will enable you to make appropriate decisions when buying portable toilet chemicals. We have gathered a few facts about the chemicals that can offer safe and environmentally friendly cleaning of your toilet.

Consider the Source of the Chemicals

You will find many products in the market but not all are suitable for your portable toilet’ bowl, users’ health, and the environment. Some chemicals have been branded as bogus and harmful to the user and the environment due to their poisonous ingredients. Such ingredients like the formaldehyde are harmful to human health and plants, although, the chemical is highly effective when it comes to disinfecting the toilet and breaking down compost material. Not all portable toilet chemicals contain formaldehyde. Many manufacturers have addressed this concern by producing formaldehyde-free products that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Choose Enzyme-Based Chemicals

Many manufacturers have switched to enzyme-based portable toilet chemicals in order to ensure production of safe and environmentally friendly products. The chemicals containing formaldehyde ingredient are said to be old-fashioned, and that is why modern toilet chemicals do not contain such detrimental elements. Enzymes are live organisms that are effective for breaking down matter quickly once they come into contact with bacteria. They also deodorize the portable toilet and the tank while breaking down the waste matter. As a result, the portable toilet remains clean and smelling fresh.

Consider Buying Chemicals containing Botanical Extracts

enzyme-based portable toilet chemicalsPortable toilet chemical manufacturers have improved the safety of the toilet cleaners by replacing the artificial scents with the botanical extracts. These are totally natural substances that are extracted directly from different plants. This means they are completely natural and safe to use for cleaning your portable toilet and leave it smelling fresh. There are various plants used to extract the substances, and therefore manufacturers have produced different products for cleaning portable toilets. So, you can choose a product depending on your favorite smell.

Choose Portable Toilet Chemicals that Applies the Cleaning Properties to the Holding Tank

Apart from choosing chemicals without formaldehyde ingredient, the product’s cleaning properties should be applicable to the holding tank. If you select enzyme-based chemicals that can clean and deodorize the toilet, the cleaning properties should also maintain the odor of the holding tank until the removal of the next tank.

Two Types of Chemical Toilets

Portable toilets can be used during outdoor trips, on a caravan or at a designated area.  They have an upper part that is used for keeping water for flushing and a toilet bowl located below to store waste matter. The waste is not flushed down into a pipe system. Instead, it is removed manually from passing into another area of the caravan.

The most common types of portable toilets include porta potti and internal cassette toilet.

Porta potti

This toilet uses fresh water for flushing and requires no connection to the mains or any drainage system. This is the reason it is perfect to be used in a caravan. Every model of porta potti models has a streamlined swiveling pour-out spout that is controlled by a pressure release button.

Internal Cassette Toilet

This is more permanent compared to porta potti models. Instead of being a mobile toilet, it is usually installed permanently. It is used just like a home toilet, but the waste tank is accessed from the outside of a caravan.

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